• Fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly than ever before

• Don’t lay awake at night listening to the ringing in a silent room

• Train your mind to ignore and habituate the sounds of tinnitus

• Get rid of the stress and frustration caused by tinnitus

Ear Peace is an
effective 2-Disc program based on both Retraining Therapy Principles and our own blend of unique proprietary layered audio that improves the human mind's ability to cancel out unwanted tinnitus noise and can be used in any compact disc player.

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"These cd's have helped me, they have made a difference."
- Elizabeth Martinez

"I highly recommend this retraining kit, it does what it says."
- Rita Larson

"I used to have a tremendous amount of anxiety when I lay in bed at night, I don't even think about it anymore. I just fall asleep."
- Robert Handing, Ca